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Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference


Two fantastic regional tours will kick off the conference on November 13. With so much in Cornwall and SDG to showcase, these half-day, afternoon tours will give visitors a deeper appreciation for what makes local food in this area so exciting. Visiting farms, innovative and award-winning food businesses, and initiatives tackling the toughest problems in local food work, they will have the opportunity to learn while experiencing the taste of the region along the way.

Local Food Reception

Tired and inspired, tour-goers are invited to return to the conference venue and to join sponsors, speakers, and organizers for a local food reception. This reception is another opportunity to show off the food and beverage offerings of this area in a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere. While continuing to sample the region’s fare, participants take the opportunity to network, make business connections, and learn about other organizations.

Full Day

On November 14, the full-day conference will open with an inspiring keynote address from Tareq Hadhad, of Peace By Chocolate. Tareq’s message of inclusion, as well as his experience both as a refugee to Canada and a food business owner, has been enthusiastically received by many audiences. The remaining conference will offer streams of technical content in both English and French, as well as showcasing of local initiatives that can serve as lessons to the rest of the region

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