Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa

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From Austria to Alexandria 

By: Andrew Reed

Alexandria, Ont. 
Tuesday to Sunday
11:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Built in 1858, the Georgian House Day Spa and Restaurant found in Alexandria offers authentic European cuisine in a Georgian style home.
Growing up in Austria, Georgian House owner Heinz Kaswurm started working in hospitality when he was a boy and would move on to managing hotels.
“I grew up in the Alps working at a bed and breakfast,” Kaswurm said.
In 1984 his family moved to Glengarry, where they purchased a dairy farm.
Kaswurm didn’t want to work on the dairy farm, but moved to Canada because his parents weren’t fluent in English.
“I always knew I wanted to own a restaurant,” he said.
That’s when he found the Georgian House, which were once two apartments. After a year of renovations, the restaurant opened in 1987.
Without any formal training as a chef, Kaswurm credits his cooking expertise to his time spent managing hotels back in Europe.
“When you manage a hotel you have to know every part of it, including the kitchen,” Kaswurm said.
He says he’s had guests from Europe come in and compliment him on how the restaurant and food reminds them of back home.
It’s not just tourists that enjoy the Georgian House; Kaswurm says the restaurant has become a local favourite and welcomes back many regulars week after week.
The day spa section of the Georgian House opened in 1999 and offers various packages to customers, some of which even pair with the restaurant.
Since the addition of the day spa, Kaswurm says he has seen new cliental come to the Georgian House.
“We now get bachelorette parties or mom and daughters come in from out of town that spend half the day here,” he said.
The Georgian House also serves as a meeting place for professionals who often arrange their meetings in the spacious private rooms, which are fully equipped with audio and visual equipment.
Perhaps more unique though, is the live music offered a couple times every month from the Georgian House Orchestra, who has been preforming at the restaurant for over a decade.
“They have a very loyal following,” Kaswurm explained. “Some people have been following them for 10-15 years.”
Between the live music, authentic European food, and the 159-year-old house turned restaurant, Georgian House provides a unique feel, which can only be found in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry. 

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