Apples and Art Studio Tour




Exploring Art in SDG

By: Andrew Reed

Sept. 23-24, 2017

In her fourth year as chair of Apples and Art, Virgina Lake is busy arranging the studio tour across Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry.
In its 26th year, Apples and Art sees over 60 artists spread out around SDG in 26 different locations, most of them in the artist’s own studio.
“This gives people the chance to see the artist in their most natural environment,” Lake laughed.
This year’s tour will feature exhibits consisting of: pottery, wood carving, glass, paper, textiles, and paintings.

Virgina Lake

Virgina Lake

For some artists, Apples and Art is their biggest weekend, as their artwork will be available for sale.
“Last year artists made a combined $47,000 from sales,” Lake said. “All of which goes back into the artist’s pocket.”
Logging over 300 hours a year to plan the studio tour is no challenge for Lake, but deciding which people are considered artists or crafters is what keeps her up at night.
Because it can be such a fine line between art and craft, Lake says she wants to keep the studio tour solely related to art, as opposed to having it become more of a trade show.
“It puts me in a tough spot because who am I to judge?” she said.
Lake, an artist herself, creates sketches of different creatures called Boobahkoos, which she says got their name from her granddaughter.
The sketches, which are completed in marker, also feature a short poem on each piece that gives a living story to each Boobahkoo.
“I’ve always doodled from what I’ve seen from my dreams,” Lake said. “But it was my husband who encouraged me to start selling them.”
Having gone public five years ago, Lake has since pitched her ideas to Cirque du Soleil and is currently designing marionettes with the help of puppeteer in Montreal.
“I just want to share my love of colour and seeing them come to life as a marionette is really cool,” Lake explained.
The annual event is held every year during the last weekend of September. This year, it is September 23-24. The studio tour is expected to draw in close to 4000 visitors over the weekend. 

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